Talisay City Culminates 117th Philippine Civil Service Anniversary: A Night of Fun, Friendship, Camaraderie and Unity

September 29, 2017

The Culmination activity kicks off with the 1st Sunset Walk from Talisay City Hall to the Talisay City gym participated in by the city officials, department heads and employees.

Talisay City Administrator Atty. Jonathan Ealdama, in his message, congratulated everyone present for their support and participation in the said undertaking and talked about unity, camaraderie and sportsmanship. A flag raising contest signaled this night's celebration.

Hoorays, cheers and laughters filled the Talisay City gym as each team show their support to their teammates in the exciting and fun filled parlor games.

A short break paved the way for the fellowship dinner where everyone are served with lechon and treated to a sumptuous dinner. Video clips presentation on the different activities in consonance with the Talisay City's celebration of the 117th PSC anniversary entertained everybody present.

A singing contest accompanied by a live band became the main event of the culmination program. Two contestants from each team compete to be this year's winner.

"The race is all about pushing yourself, challenging yourself. It's about camaraderie, friendship, teamwork and a healthy lifestyle." - Iindeed, this year's Philippine Civil Service Anniversary of the City of Talisay is a success.