Mayor Neil E. Lizares III Awarded Cash Incentives to Scilympics Grand Winners

October 19, 2017

Congratulations and Good luck from #gwapongaserbisyo!

Mayor Neil E. Lizares III awarded cash incentives to the grand winners of the 5th Division Elementary Scilympics held at Talisay Elementary School on October 6-7, 2017.

Mayor Neil E. Lizares III congratulated the students and expressed how greatly honored and proud he is for having met winner students who excels in the field of science, hence same praise were given to the teachers and school heads for all the efforts and contributions given to the children and for being able to produce competitive and champion students.

The said team is bound to represent the city with their winning Division entry to the forthcoming Regional Scilympics on November 3-5, 2017 at Iloilo City. The #gwapongaserbisyo will finance the team's transportation expenses and another winning medal will assure the team of an additional cash incentives from Mayor Neil E. Lizares.

The winning team was composed of Angelo Aracello and Danny Mar Amacna both of Talisay South Elementary School with Hermie Benedict Esidenio of Maria Eustaquia Lizares Elementary School, with their Science Investigatory Project entitled: "Anti-acaridal Property of Coconut (cocos nucifera) Oil Against Dog Ticks" under the guidance of their Research adviser, Miss Gelyn Buenafe, bested all other teams in the said event.