Reclamation Project Moving Forward to Fast Track the Investment and Economic Climate in Talisay

Mayor Neil Lizares III is laying the ground work and foundation on the Talisay Reclamation Project only two weeks after the initial meeting brokered by Congressman Albee Benitez with the Philippine Reclamation Authority at the Pavilion Hotel in Bacolod City last July 13, 2017.

Mayor Neil Lizares III (from right to left) with Sangguniang Panglunsod Member (SPM) Randy Ereñeta, SPM Rolin Meliton, SPM Gab Villacin and SPM Bogs Malan listens intently on the merits of the PPP for the reclamation project.

In Makati City today, Mayor Neil met anew with Atty. Alberto Agra, Chairman of the Philippine Reclamation Authority to further learn and appreciate the merits of a Public-Private Partnership (PPPP) for the People joint venture agreement between the local government unit (LGU) and the government.

Chairman Atty. Alberto Agra of the Philippine Reclamation Authority encourages Talisay City to be the first local government unit in the Negros Island Region to put up a PPP project.

With Lizares to manifest their full support for the dream project are Vice Mayor Sam Siote, Sangguniang Panglunsod Member (SPM) Carl Lizares, SPM Randy Ereñeta, SPM Rolin Meliton, SPM Nicolai Jalandoni, SPM Gab Villacin, SPM Zenia Astorga, SPM Edmund Celis, SPM Bogs Malan, City Administrator Atty. Jonathan Ealdama, Assistant City Administrator Ismael Penado, City Legal Officer Atty. Kirk Magnabe, SP Secretary Josel Faisan and Junjun Treyes.

Photo-op after the Meeting (Seated from left to right) Vice Mayor Sam Siote, Mayor Neil Lizares III, Atty. Alberto Agra and SP Secretary Josef Faisan. (Standing from left to right) SPM Nicolai Jalandoni, SPM Bogs Malian, Atty. Jonathan Ealdama, SPM Rolin Meliton, SPM Gabriel Villacin, SPM Randy Ereneta, SPM Carl Lizares, SPM Zenia Astorga, SPM Edmund Celis, Atty. Kirk Magnabe and Assistant City Administrator Ismael Paredes Penado

Atty. Agra said that currently there are 77 LGU'S in the country that have adopted his PPP framework including the Cebu- Cordova toll bridge in Cebu City and that he is pushing for Talisay to be the first LGU and the first Inter-LGU to fast track a PPP in the Negros Island Region to take up on the challenge.