Talisayson Awarded for Saving Visayan Leopard Cat

November 14, 2017

Talisay City Assistant City Administrator, Ismael Penado together with City Environment Officer - Designate, warren Paduano awarded today, cash incentive to Mr. Archie Maquiling of Hacienda Labayen, Brgy. Matab-ang, this city. 

The cash incentive is given in recognition and acknowledgement for such noble cause and to further motivate and persuade others to do the same for our environment.

It was documented that Mr. Maquiling was the one who rescued and turned -over to the City of Talisay through Mr. Warren Paduano the Visayan Leopard Cat (MARAL) last November 8, 2017.

On that same day, Mr. Paduano with the Pio Talisay Team turne-over said endemic specie for custody and care to the Negros Forest Ecological Foundation, Inc. (NFEFI), Bacolod.