Mayor Neil E. Lizares III Provided Packed Lunch to BJMP Inmates

Talisay BJMP Inmates in queue for their lunch photocredits: Mamamia Est and analie palic Bañas

On July 16, 2017, the Immaculate International Redemptorist Circle headed by Ms. Mila Olmedo and San Nicholas de Tolentino Talisay Circle was on an outreach program at the BJMP Talisay in Barangay Matab-ang, this city.

Members and Officers of The Immaculate International Redemptorist Circle -Talisay Chapter with Talisay City jail Warden J/INSP Romeo Jamandre Eyoy.

A Family day was celebrated wherein inmates' families got the chance to spend time with their loved ones especially with their children. Personal hygiene supplies were also distributed to all the inmates and packed lunch was served courtesy of Mayor Neil E. Lizares III.